Jay Furr (jayfurr) wrote,
Jay Furr

Will Trade Cat Hair for Quora Upvotes

I’ve had a cold for the last few days. It’s been annoying but manageable. Last night and today, a bad cough set in and I’m feeling a lot more puny than I otherwise had been. Carole had the same cold, but hers seems to be much better, which is good, since she had to start back to work today and I don’t really have to be anywhere work-related until next Monday.

When I feel sick and punchy, but can’t sleep any more because I’ve more or less slept myself out, I start posting idiotic answers to questions on Quora, the crowd-sourced advice site. I tend to focus on questions that haven’t gotten any answers so far, and as a consequence, my responses don’t attract a lot of attention either. And if you’ve ever been on Quora, you know that the big thing is getting “upvotes” for your answers. So here I am, feeling sick and irritable, posting inane gibberish, and then going “UPVOTE ME ALREADY I NEED VALIDATION”.


Back in the day when you were home sick from work you could just sit down in front of the television and watch morning game shows and then afternoon soap operas, but today we have more … refined ways to make time pass.

And for whatever reason, good or ill, in my case, that means “babbling pointlessly”. (And bringing in references to Cheez Whiz whether it’s relevant to the question at hand or not.)

Oh, if you actually wanted to see my blathering, click here.

Tags: pointless blathering

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