Jay Furr (jayfurr) wrote,
Jay Furr

Grand Guignol a la Trump

I am fairly disinclined to take part in political mudslinging in social media, but the news from the Trump campaign in the last 24 hours inclines me to a bit of fascinated notice, in a slowing-down-to-watch-the-trainwreck way.

Trump has literally almost no money in his campaign account. Trump has only 30 staffers in his entire campaign. He’s run zero ads. He won’t call donors. Every time he opens his mouth he says something whose only purpose is to get attention in a there’s-no-such-thing-as-bad-attention way. The free-the-delegates-to-vote-their-conscience movement is growing.

The Republican Party right now reminds me of the sort of person who marries a “billionaire” only to get divorced a short time later when it is discovered that the “billionaire” is a scam artist with no money. The slowly-dawning-Oh-My-God-realization is exactly the same… and for good reason. Trump is a scam artist with no money. There’s a reason he won’t release his tax returns.

Right now I can’t figure which is more likely:

1) Either because the delegates are freed or because Trump can’t stand the criticism and withdraws, some other schmuck winds up as the nominee,


2) Trump goes down to a thumping unprecedented in modern times — and I mean worse than Mondale in 1984 or McGovern in 1972.

And just imagine the looks on the faces of the people who fancied themselves as Trump’s running mate this morning. I can’t imagine who Trump’s going to get now: David Duke? Joe the Plumber?

SpongeBob SquarePants?

Tags: political pontificating

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