Jay Furr (jayfurr) wrote,
Jay Furr

Error 247: Brain needs reboot

I am depressed. And overweight. And getting no exercise, even though there is a strong correlation between exercise and mental fitness.

But I’m trying in small ways to turn that around. I’m eating a lot of Panera salads while on the road, and I did buy a new pair of road running shoes (beep beep) so I can stop making excuses and start long walks and/or running. I was going to go out and walk today, but it rained here in Illinois and it’s muggy as heck. Yeah, I should have gone down to the fitness center and used the treadmill. Maybe tomorrow.

This weekend is supposed to be nice back in Vermont so I hope to do a lot of kayaking/cycling/walking/etc.

I wish my brain worked better.

Tags: pointless blathering

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