Jay Furr (jayfurr) wrote,
Jay Furr

Sometimes I Pointlessly Take Things Too Far

For pretty much as long as such a thing as a Windows “desktop” has existed, I’ve had a visceral loathing for those people who use the desktop as their primary file storage location, creating endless desktop items and never filing any of them.

I used to have a boss who did that, and moreover, complained out loud that he could never find anything — without realizing that it was his own damn fault. I adopted the habit of going to his computer after hours (he never logged it out or locked it) and moving everything (except things like My Computer) to a folder marked “desktop”. I’d set the default view to “detail” and the default sort to “by date”. By the time he left us, a couple of years later, said “desktop” folder had about 6000 items in it, many of which I’m sure he had no need for but which I knew he’d keep until the end of time out of a sense that sometime, some day, they might be relevant.

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a “hoarder” where the Windows filesystem is concerned.

I try to keep my laptop’s desktop extremely neat and tidy, with nothing there but immediate action items, and everything else neatly sorted into folders in the “My Documents” folder. And periodically, I go through and delete things that I realize I no longer need.

But sometimes, when I’m feeling especially cranky and annoyed, I take things a little further:

Gone Too Far

It still works, though — since I have ‘My Documents’ right there in my Start menu, and I keep My Documents nice and tidy.

The main reason I do it, though, is in hopes that one of the desktop hoarder types will see my desktop and shriek in agony at its pristine and total tidiness.

Look, aren’t I lame?

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