Jay Furr (jayfurr) wrote,
Jay Furr

My annoying sense of humor

My wife Carole says my sense of humor is incredibly annoying and irritating, and consequently, I’ve tried to rein it in somewhat. But once in a while I do or say something that I find amusing enough to share, even if most people will just look at it and go “how pathetic”.

Yesterday one of our two cars was at the mechanic getting its annual Vermont inspection. Carole had the other car at work in Montpelier, which meant that I was more or less stuck at home for the duration. (We don’t live near public transportation and the mechanic is 15 miles from our house).

I got a call from the mechanic’s wife/office manager mid-afternoon letting me know the car was all ready to be picked up; they’d tried calling Carole’s number but she had her phone on do-not-ring for some reason. Since calling her wouldn’t work, I pinged her on Google Hangouts:

Google hangout chat 12-28-2015

I dunno why, but that just tickles me. Perhaps it’s because our mechanic, Alan, is a famously laconic and dry New Englander, and I can totally hear him going “Yeaaah, we got a bit of a problem. See, your car split into one evil car and one good car like in that one Star Trek episode. The good car’s here, it’s fine, but it won’t start or go anywhere. Ann’s off chasing down the evil car, I’ll give you a call if I hear anything.”

(Winooski, by the way, is a small city just west of our mechanic’s office in South Burlington.)

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